Volunteer Chaplains are to be selfless people who are emotionally and spiritually mature and able to share God's hope and comfort with people in hospitals, correctional facilities, and tragedies survivors. The approved applicants will receive a 20 hours training course, both: online and in class to prepare them to serve as volunteer chaplains.

Chaplains are also to be steadily grounded in God's Word and must feel comfortable praying with people in need, when necessary.

What kind of training should a volunteer chaplain have? Jethro International Chaplaincy (JIC) requires a five hour in-class training for those who are not in the ministry for five years at least. After being certified, a volunteer chaplain will also have access to online resources to expand and update his training.

Where do I get the JIC training?

Leaders with more than five years in the ministry are ready to become a certified chaplain. They should only pay the proper fees and download the training material that can be studied at home.

Regular Church members should:

1 - Fill out the application form, pay the correspondent fee and wait to be contacted by Jethro International Chaplaincy (JIC), to receive your user name and password to start downloading their study material.

2 - Or, Look for an in-class training near you. Training classes are ministered in churches or hotel facilities and must be, at least, five hours long. This class gives you the basic training to become a volunteer chaplain, certified by JIC, to assist people in need, with God’s love.



Jethro International Ministries is a covenant of Christian Leaders that provides relationship, covering and mentoring for leaders and ministries all over the world. As a worldwide leaders' network, Jethro International can do what a local ministry could not, which is to support other ministries interdenominationally in any place of the world. The main purpose of Jethro International Ministries is to establish God's Kingdom on earth. We do that with our high-level training conferences, evangelistic crusades and spiritual and financial support to ministries in need. Jethro International Ministries is the right network for those who are looking for like-minded people to share their vision and passion for the Lord.

Jethro International does is not connected to any denomination and embraces every single church and ministry that accepts the teachings of the Bible as absolute. Jethro International has representatives strategically placed in the most populated regions of the world.

In USA, Jethro International is investing mainly in leadership training, to sharpen the skills of the Church leaders. We do that by investing in their knowledge, character and potential, with a strong Bible teaching support.


Dr. Jefferson Netto - Founder

Pr. Wellington Silva – Asia

Pr. Richard Mcpherson – Europe

Pr. Diego Netto – International Director

Pr. Josias Veloso – USA – South

Renato Freire - South America

Chaplaincy Jethro International will not be liable for anyone attempting to become the legal representative of this ministry, whose name is not listed below. Any questions regarding the listed names, please contact us.

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