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Jethro International Theological Seminary (JITS) is a theology teaching institution based in the Greater Boston, MA, United States of America. Our focus is to prepare workers to execute the Great Commission of Matthew 28:19-20. Our vision is to invest in quality to help leaders to succeed in their ministries, to meet the demand of a world in full progress.

We are a non-profit organization, non-denominational evangelical ministry and a Bible training center, offering both: in class and online courses.

We carry out our mission with a positive commitment to the Bible as the ultimate authority in all matters. The foundation of our fellowship with all churches around the world is the cross of Christ.


It’s unacceptable that there are still people who maintain that studying theology has no importance at all. This is an outdated vision that ignores the fact that we are living in a world in constant change. We need to have a solid faith and a strong conviction that the Bible is the unsurpassable Word of God and, for that, we must have a consistent theological knowledge.

The Christian faith has never been so challenged as it is today and it tends to worsen. We cannot respond to naysayers by only saying that it is what it is because we believe so. We are required more than never to know why we believe in what we believe. This is what Paul called “reasonable service” in Romans 12:1. In the following verse (2) he said that we must not be “conformed to this world,” meaning that our macro theological conviction should not change as the world changes.

Those who study theology, besides getting in-depth knowledge of "systematic doctrines," obtain a greater vision of the Bible. That means that a theology student will be better situated in biblical geography, sociology, culture, philosophy and idioms.

Book referrals, By Dr. Jefferson Netto


The Spiritual Authority classes are offered exclusively by JITS and can be taken both: in class or online. The classes include a book and a study guide with 12 topics, which should be studied weekly. This material is authored by Dr Jefferson Netto. The classes are available in Portuguese and English.